Cleansing The Human Filth

by Manifested From Dust

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Cleansing The Human Filth debut EP by Canadian band "Manifested From Dust"

"This is my Empire of Rust, Manifested From Dust"


released July 14, 2017

Recorded at Alex Sevigny Audio, Kelowna, BC
Recorded,Mixed, and Mastered by Alex Sevigny

Album art is a composite image using "Temple on Fire" by Peretz Partensky
and "Sitgreaves Fire.Tree on fire." by Kalbab National Forest, both used under the Creative Commons licence.



all rights reserved


Alex Sévigny Kelowna, British Columbia

I like to pluck on my strings

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Track Name: The New Breed
I awake from a blissful slumber
Only to find a broken world in my sight
The stench of death is all I fathom
And I seek to make sense of this blight

Death - Carnage - Fear - Hate

Memories of life
Now rendered redundant
All that I can do is push forward
Survival is all I am
As I witness this immolation

Full power - World Destroyer

This world is consumed by fire
Kindled by humanity's greed
All that remains are the millions of pyres
All that remains is to watch them bleed

This world is consumed by fire
An unavoidable necessity
New life will spawn from the ashes
Make way for the new breed
Track Name: Leech
Consuming all that you touch
Feeling no remorse
Look at all these lives
You've thrown aside


A selfish parasite
Destroying worlds you'll never understand
Foolishly, you try to fill the void inside

This insatiable darkness,
Will lead you into Ruin
Never the less you seek the sin

I swear to God
I swear to God
I swear to God you fucking killed a man

I am the sickness
I am the darkness that drives you
I am the quench of your thirst
As you feast upon another

Track Name: Misanthrope
We are all shit

Cleanse us in the fire from which we were forged
A race so undeserving of existence
A world so pure, now left in ruin
We valued profit more than our mother Earth


Useless pile of fucking filth
Defile yourself to stay alive
You eat the maggots that fester within

Now meet your end at the hands of your own God
Once his most cherished creation
Now his most painful regret

You had all the tools
You had all the means
Yet you left it all for selfish hedonism

Look me in the eye
And tell me
You consume all this shit

You fat fucking waste of consciousness
The beauty of creation
Now tarnished by your greed



Mankind has failed
Irreversibly fucked its' path
Wasted all its' second chances
Devoured by filth, shit,
politics, hate, greed
Track Name: Empire of Rust
Endless Gloom
A race now enslaved to the Overseer
Punished for the crimes of humankind
Subject to eternal damnation

Heir to the Empire
Forced to live in Ruin
Harvesting from the subservient
Rearranging matter

Forming a new reality
Abstaining from the Void

Drowning in the abyss
This is the price of Utopia
The death toll is an irrelevant infinity
Nothing will cease this beautiful process

I hear their cries
They plead for their lives
But this is much greater
Than any insignificant selfish race

Like cattle, they fall in line
This was their fate all along
Built to fail

Herd them all to the slaughterhouse
Let none escape this righteous reign

This is my Empire of Rust
Manifested from Dust